​This is a delicious and simple recipe to make. You won't find it better in any restaurant. Buy the best and freshest mussels you can find.

It makes all the difference!


My husband and I live on 3 acres of land that is bordered by working farm fields.  We are surrounded by a sea of green all summer and into fall harvest. Both of us enjoy working in our garden, tending to our boxwoods and fruit trees. Bob also keeps busy with cutting grass on our John Deere lawn tractor.  Even I take turns cutting on the tractor to help him out.
For all of us, staying at home has restored more simple interests, like gardening and cooking. Family time is more important than ever. I hope you will try and enjoy a few of my new favorites.


Big Mamma's Italian-American Cooking

I​zetta's Southern Cooking

My husband loves this recipe. He says these enchiladas are as good as the ones we had at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.

If your flour tortillas are too big to fit perfectly in your baking dish, fold them in half and half again (triangle), then cut around the edges to fit.