Meet Lee

Lee Casazza is a mom, genealogist, author, photographer, blogger, and cookbook publisher. Cooking has been her most passionate interest. It started as a young girl when she bought Betty Crocker's "Good and Easy" cookbook at her 5th grade book mobile sale. For more than 50 years, Lee has prepared, researched, and created every type of cuisine.


Lee is also an accomplished genealogist, receiving numerous national awards for her work with the Daughters of the American Revolution. You can see how her love of cooking and the recipes she treasures were influenced by her family's history. 

Her mother Izetta Middleton Markham was born in Tennessee and raised in Waterford, Virginia. Her father Charles was from Leesburg, Virginia. Large Sunday dinners with relatives were regular events. Her mom taught Lee all her southern recipes and good ole' southern hospitality.

In 1967, Lee married Robert Paul Casazza. His Italian-American family also enjoyed Sunday dinners together with as many as 25 relatives. "Big Mamma", Teresa Lapetina, was her husband's great-grandmother. Together with his mother Marie Noviello and grandmother Elizabeth Greco, Lee learned how to cook all their favorite recipes.

Southern and Italian-American cooking, traditional and new.

Lee has taken both to new heights. She published Big Mamma's Italian-American Cookbook in 2015 and is now working on  Zetta's Southern Cookbook. Follow new recipes on her blogs every week. Discover how delicious and easy cooking can be. 

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