Autumn has arrived with the beauty of fall foliage.  For all of us, staying home has become a national duty as we prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  We continue to prepare more meals with family and try something new.  Discover the simple joy of cooking and share the love together. Stay well. . .and be safe.



Big Mamma's Italian-American Cooking

I​zetta's Southern Cooking

I first make a marinara sauce with canned cherry tomatoes. Then peel the eggplant leaving stripes; otherwise, the peel can be quite chewy.  I sautéed some Swiss chard that will go under the marinara sauce. Baking the eggplants in the oven makes them extra crispy. Then melt slices of parmigiana and provolone on top.

I use the larger slices of eggplant for this dish and save the smaller baked the smaller ones for my husband to enjoy, plain, right out of the oven.

​Shrimp Creole is a traditional recipe from New Orleans. The origin of Creole is a combination of French, Spanish, and Italian heritage.

Creole cooking does not use a dark roux as Cajun cooking does, but they both start with the Holy Trinity (onion, bell pepper, and celery). The addition of bacon makes it even more delicious! Serve this with crusty French bread, hot sauce, and a green salad.