​Beef stew is the meal that keeps on giving. A tasty, hearty  favorite on a cold night and several days of dinners for two. 

Red wine has been used in stew for hundreds of yeas...so I recommend you use it too. My Cheddar Cheese Drop biscuits or country dinner rolls are a perfect accompaniment to this stew.


Big Mamma's Italian-American Cooking


Sadie and all of us are looking forward to much better days ahead. With winter dishes simmering on the stove or baking in the oven, our dog is constantly in my kitchen. The two of us have had some very close calls. Every night, my husband comes to the rescue by taking Sadie down to his cozy man cave basement. Usually with a dog treat in one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other. 


I​zetta's Southern Cooking

I first make a marinara sauce with canned cherry tomatoes. Then peel the eggplant leaving stripes; otherwise, the peel can be quite chewy.  I sautéed some Swiss chard that will go under the marinara sauce. Baking the eggplants in the oven makes them extra crispy. Then melt slices of parmigiana and provolone on top.

I use the larger slices of eggplant for this dish and save the smaller baked the smaller ones for my husband to enjoy, plain, right out of the oven.