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This is a classic Italian-America pasta dish you find on the menu in most Italian restaurants. You can make this at home and it will be even better and definitely less expensive than in restaurants.

Be sure to use fresh wild shrimp, Italian parsley, and

fresh lemon—it will definitely make a difference. 

Lemons are a favorite ingredient used in many Amalfi Coast recipes. They are famous for their lemons. My plate and bowl are also from that region. I was given a set of these beautiful dishes by our friends, Carmine Pallone & Giuseppina Cappiello.


Shirley Lee & Dorothy Jean



Grits or homony was one of the first truly American foods.

Native Americans ate a mush made of softened corn or maze. When colonists came ashore in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, the Native Americans offered them bowls of this boiled corn substance. The natives called it "rockahomine", which was later shortened to "hominy" by the colonists.

Traditional shrimp and grits includes bacon in place of Virginia ham. Creole, Charleston, and New Orleans style shrimp and grits usually includes andouille sausage and Creaole seasoning. 

This is Virginia style, and my sister's recipe, so it includes Virginia ham.


      And The Cooking Is Easy

Shrimp Dinner Favorites
Summertime and seafood go together.

Our trips to the Maryland and Virginia shores included wonderful meals with blue crabs, spiced shrimp, scallops, and so much more.  

My husband and I also love the seafood dishes we found along Italy's Amalfi Coast. They specialize in using simple and fresh ingredients.

Summertime recipes from both sides of our family.

When it comes to seafood, you can't go wrong.